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Instagram has the most potential when in comes to reach and engagement. With 26.9 million users already using this platform, this is rich mining field for marketing aficionados. When it comes to getting noticed, Instagram is unbeatable.



Instagram is a social media platform that provides hours of entertainment to its users. For businesses, it’s a platform that can drive sales, build brand awareness, boost engagement and much more. You can use Instagram to create highly targeted ads that will only be seen by people who are interested in your products or services. However, to create a truly effective strategy, you need to know how to analyse your audience and understand the different types of campaign. That’s where our service comes in useful.

Just some of the most popular campaigns used in Instagram advertising include:

Photo Ads: comes as no surprise that most Instagram ads come in the form of images.You can share and promote photos of your products, services or events to generate interest in your company.

Story Ads: if the user’s curiosity is piqued by your story, they can swipe up and be taken directly to your website, giving you the opportunity to elaborate on your message and convert Instagram users into paying customers.

Sponsored Ads: Using your business account on Instagram, you can share photos of your products and ensure they appear on the feeds of users who may be interested in purchasing them.

Video Ads: In addition to photos, you can post videos between 30 and 60 seconds in length on Instagram and pay to have them promoted to your target audience., or you could produce a teaser ad that encourages users to click through to a YouTube video. 


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Our social media marketing tactics have driven key results for our clientele. Did we mention we are also a Google partner? You can trust us to turn your Instagram advertising game on its head and see great results.


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