Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are equipped with a very new feature where people can simply tap on the ad and a form pre-populated with their Facebook contact information will be there to send to the advertiser. So, the advertisers can get the information they want, and it has generated a qualified lead.

New Heights Of Success

Facebook has emerged as a bang-up, powerful, and effective marketing tool for businesses, no matter what the business’ size is. 


It is budget-friendly ,with a professional Facebook ad agency we can escape from wasting precious money and time to gain more sales.

Exceptional Targeting

In Facebook Ads, the right audience can be targeted by behaviours, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations.

Brand Awareness

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective ways that build brands whilst making sure that more people are aware of that brand.

Our Facebook Ad Management Services

Facebook Page Like Ads

At TIS, we create the Facebook Page likes ads that showcase our client’s Facebook pages and encourage the target audiences to like the page.

Post Engagement Ads

This helps the advertiser generate more activity on their posts and  more organic followers quickly by offering them the kinds of posts they'll see more.

Website Traffic Ads

The businesses which are targeting website traffic, then these ads will help them redirect their targeted audiences to their landing page or an app.

Install Ads

We create & manage the app install ads that will be shown in the user’s timeline whilst offering them a direct invite for the installation of our client’s app.

Shopping Ads

At TIS India, we create & manage the best Facebook shopping ads to showcase the best products of our clients in front of the target audience.


Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are equipped with a very new feature  with their Facebook contact information will be there to send to the advertiser.


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Why Choose Prit Digital As Your Facebook Advertising Agency ?

At Prit Digital, we have worked with numerous brands and provided them with a lot of business opportunities through Facebook Ads. So, by hiring our Facebook ads professionals, you can create exponential profits for your business at marginal costs. Moreover, promoting at Facebook will widespread the targeting of the audience and new customer data sets.


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