Google Adwords

99% of Google's revenue comes from online pay-per-click advertising. While the minimum bid per keyword is 5 cents in AdWords, the high cost keywords are nowhere near that. Because you are paying for each click, we implement only the best practices that include:

1 High Quality Scores:  lower your CPC and help you pay less for the most successful keywords. We divide keywords into appropriate campaigns and ads and use targeted ad text to improve Quality Scores and better keyword rankings.


2 Specificity: We don't take a "shotgun" approach to Adwords. We target very specific and limited in each campaign.

3. Negative Keywords: Irrelevant keywords result in costly clicks that will never drive conversions, and when bidding on the most expensive keywords, negative keywords are absolutely essential. 

4. Landing Page Optimization: While most AdWords conversion rates stay around 2%, we will often see landing pages convert at 20% or even 30%. We design and optimize landing pages for maximum conversion rates.

Our Approach

Affordable Keywords 

We find keywords used most often by potential customers searching for your products or services are tied to keywords that individuals use in searches.

Continuous Optimization 

We continuously optimize ads to achieve the highest click-through rates. to achieve the most cost effective ad position

Site Enhancements 

We measure performance to guide site enhancements that improve conversions to the site over time to increase conversions.

Keyword Research

Campaign Goals & budget 

goals are the metrics you want to achieve in terms of click-through rate, cost per lead, conversion rate, and cost per conversion.

Conversion Strategy

 It entails defining the specific pages of a site which will serve as landing pages for these ads & a visitor takes to effect the conversion .

Keyword list

Keywords used for ads  will serve as the foundation for the keyword ad groups defined during campaign


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Campaign Management

  • Bid price adjustments - This plan defines the specific goals are the principal actions you want visitors to take on the site
  • Ad adjustments - Ads in the campaign will consistently increase their effectiveness at generating clicks from prospects.
  • Landing page adjustments - We will periodically adjust the landing page copy to ensure a high relevance score from Google for each keyword.
  • Reporting - We will provide a monthly report with an analysis of important trends.

Campaign Setup

During campaign setup, we will do the following:

• Configure campaign parameters - We will configure ◦ Campaign name ◦  budget limits ◦ Client general and billing information
◦ Keyword bids and preferred placement on the page for each ad ◦ Geo-targeting with the  geographical range
◦ Ad placement in the Google Content  and Search Network ◦ Time of day and days of the week keyword ads will be scheduled to run
◦ Ad rotation ◦ Keyword combinations in the ad group ◦ Keyword ad headlines ◦ Keyword ad copy ◦ Keyword landing pages

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